The ABCs of BeeTV APK – A Complete Guide

APK is an abbreviated form for Android Application Package. This is used as an execution unit by the Android operating file system for the installation of various mobile applications. It is generally available to the end-user in the form of a zip file format with .APK as the filename extension. An APK file is typically used to upgrade or downgrade an application in case it crashes down, by displacing the upgraded version with the older version or to install an app manually. An APK is specifically built to be used on an android platform.

With the elevation in technology today, the entertainment industry is trying hard to stick to user’s demands and tastesto sustain its position in the market. No more do you have to go to a theatre to watch a movie or sit infront of the tv for the live telecast of your favourite movie show. There are many streaming apps available in the market now that can stream your favourite movie or a tv show whenever and wherever you want. BeeTV APK is one such most friendly and the most used application by the end-users.

beetv apk

What is BeeTV APK?

BeeTV is an android application that cascades tv shows and movies to your android device. Its easy to use interface makes it more appealing and comfortable for users to make use of this application. But how do you cascade the content to your android device?

This is made possible by an APK known as the BeeTV . It is a crawler application designed to crawl video hosting websites to look for the searched content and return them to your android device. This return in terms of technology is called side-load. To side-load a BeeTV, we use an application called Downloader.

The BeeTV community also includes application up-gradation. They keep on upgrading the application and fixing bugs as suggested by the users.

Features of BeeTV APK

Let us try to know what extraordinary features does BeeTV possess which makes its interface as well as the execution so smooth and appealing for the customers

  • Zero purchase cost – BeeTV is completely free. Users will not be charged, unlike other applications that charge you a sum to view your favetv shows and movies. Moreover, there are no hidden costs.
  • Zero piracy – BeeTV does not promote piracy. This implies that it does not stream videos from torrent.
  • Lightweight software – It is a computer program sketched to use system resources efficiently. A minimum of 1GB RAM is required on an android device to run the program
  • Offline storage – The entire content that includes tv shows and movies can be downloaded from the streaming sites with the help of BeeTV to your local android storage. This is helpful in case of travel. You can still choose to view your videos from the storage offline.
  • Good quality – The BeeTV streams videos that have higher resolution and good quality known as the high definition videos, compared to the standard definition video versions that are streamed through other applications.
  • Chromecast support – It supports the use of chromecast adapter enabling users to play video content on television. The adapter can be connected to the HDMI port of the TV and the cable is plugged to the USB port.
  • Adblocker – It blocks the ads but not completely. It blocks the ads to an extent that the user does not face any disruption while viewing the videos.
  • Subtitles – The ultimate saviour while viewing a video is the subtitle, especially when the language is spoken at a rate that the language is unable to be comprehended.


Compatibility Settings

The BeeTV is no doubt compatible with the entire android cosmic. At the same time, it also becomes mandatory to upgrade your Android OS to the latest version because the APKkeeps on upgrading itself from time to time. This requirement is essential for its smooth run without any unpleasant disruption. The android device must have a minimum of 1GB RAM withgood internet connectivity for playing the HD contents on ones’ device.

How to Install?

Let us now learn to install a BeeTV APK on our android device.

  • Once we are ready with the above-mentioned requirements, the APK file can be downloaded from a link on its site by clicking on the “Download BeeTV APK (latest version)” button, as there may be many versions of the upgraded file available still.
  • Once the download process is complete, we can move to the settings option. There we can find the option to toggle on the available option of Unknown sources, as we are installing BeeTV from a third-party source.
  • The next step is to navigate to your local path where the BeeTV APK file has been downloaded. Click on it to commence the installation process.
  • You will be asked to grant access permissions in the next step after installation. Please click on grant access followed by a click on the “Install icon” to complete the installation.
  • BeeTV will now be available on the home screen of your android device. You can now launch the application to view your favourite videos.

beetv apk

How to Use After Installation?

Please follow the below steps:

  • On the home screen of the application, you can see trending movies by default. If you want to watch any video among them, you can simply click on the same.
  • In case you want to have a look at the TV shows, you always have the side menu at your disposal.
  • A search bar is an ultimate saviour in the ocean of videos. This will help save your time as you can directly search your favourite video content in the search box.
  • To add to that, filters have sub-filtersto process your searches.

Having seen the advantages of using a BeeTV and steps towards installation, we can be sure that using this application will be beneficial economically as well as in terms of entertainment. However, you can always register a complaint, if any, with the BeeTV community.